About Us

We believe nature is the source of life, therefore, we combine the gifts form nature into our products and produce GreenBee’s natural and organic products.

GreenBee’s is a natural brand produced in order to protect customers’ health and their demand in daily life. Our products aim at the actual demand of using, we always guarantee for the quality for each product before it reaches the customers. Our first priority is the safety of users and then the efficiency.

Acknowledging the high demand for natural based products, we researched and applied the modern technology to develop the qualified products. We are proud to introduce the brand GreenBee’s, which is one of the first brand on Vietnam qualified the USDA certificates.

Being produced in Malaysia and went through many tests, each product delivers our conscientious to the customers.

• Natural based and organic ingredients product

• Efficacy and quality

• Safety

• Acquired the USDA Biobase certificates

• Produced in Malaysia

• Eco-friendly brand

GreenBee’s– Delivers the true value from nature!